Person-centered Prevention risks from genetic vaccines, early therapy of COVID-19



The work of the third session of the inaugural conference of academic activities of the Ambrosiana University on the topic “Person-centered Prevention, risks from genetic vaccines, early therapy of COVID-19 ( Saturday, November 20), revealed surprising results, such as can lead to an earthquake in Italian, European and global health policy against SARS-COV 2.

The first revolution proposed by Prof. Vincenzo Di Nicola ( University of Montreal, Harward, Ambrosiana)  is to adopt  the word “Syndemic” instead of “Pandemic.” It allows for an extension of clinical outcomes of the viral epidemic,  psychological and psychiatric problems due to isolation, the closure of children to social relationships, involving more than a billion people who can determine in childhood the term “experimental child, to be located in a psycho-biologically deteriorated situation by adults. The second revolution presented with the scientific documentation presented by dr. Maurizio Federico (Director of the Global Health Centre of the Health Superior Institute of the Health Ministry of Italy-ISS)  based on the indisputable evidence that current vaccines do not produce neutralizing antibodies (IGA) such as to prevent the entry of the virus into cells and its destruction in the mucous membranes, where they are absent. The results of this research presented by Dr. Federico irrefutably reveal how green certificates are a delirium because vaccinated are contagious in the same way as vaccinated, with the disadvantage that if infected by the delta variant, they have worse healing processes than not vaccinated symptomatic.  In addition, the immunity prevents mortality positions in the lungs inducing the resident immune memory cells through the antigen contact, but mRNA vaccines are ineffective because they activate T lymphocytes only in regional lymph nodes close to inoculation. The lack of production of CD8+ by mRNA vaccines creates the problem of interpreting how these work and if they could be defined as vaccines.   In addition to the rapid decay of immunity from IGG, the third factor is the “The original antigenic sin,” so vaccines against the original strain of Huwan are increasingly ineffective, as they are built against this antigen for which the third dose is to be discussed. The report allows the hypothesis that since mRNA vaccines cannot be effective,  the reduction in mortality is due to the “Herd” effect of neutralizing antibodies of healed and asymptomatic, as happened in 2003 (SARS-COV 1-)and 2010 (MERS), without any vaccine help. The purchase of untested vaccines decided in January 2020 in Italy is therefore very strange. The third report, by Giuseppe R.Brera ( Director of the Medical School of Milan and President of the World Health Committee and the National Health Committee), presented an epidemiological study done by the Medical School of Milan and the Medical School of the University of Minneapolis on the data of Epicentro of the ISS. The study investigated the Odds Ratio between non-vaccinated and vaccinated and lethality between October 9 and November 10.  The study reveals a significant increase in the risk of deaths in older people over 80 with a complete cycle of vaccination before six months and a tendency to increase but without significance – minimal numbers-  between 12-39 years. Professor Brera illustrated the scientific evidence of mRNA vaccines’ genotoxicity through the alteration of micro-RNA and, therefore, epigenetic transcription due to the substitution made by the producers of a base with a methylated base.

This substitution will produce catastrophic effects at long-time, probably inducing solid tumors and leukemias, neurological alterations, such as autistic spectrum disorders, mental retardation, learning problems, and inhibition of natural cellular immunity (lymphocyte activation) all pathologies caused form silencing or alterations of miRNA. In addition, the increase of the cell methylome methylates other nucleotides leading to a cell phenotype that notoriously induces a tumoral degeneration of cells. Professor Brera, the author of the world’s first treatise on SARS-COV 2 and its Prevention, explained that the theory of the relativity of infection to atherosclerotic degeneration of cell membranes, and the probability of severe infection -theorized in his treatise- and immunosuppressive alteration and the lethal anergia after 7 days,  could find in miRNA silencing of innate immunity the explanation. The incidence of atherosclerosis–induced immunosuppressive phenotype as the primary cause of COVID-19 severity is confirmed by the 92 %  of mortality caused by comorbidities induced by atherosclerosis, an autoimmune disease. Secondary Prevention of COVID-19 neutralizing known risk factors since 2003,  omitted by national and international pandemic health management, is the unique road to prevent lethality.  Genotoxicity of both the mRNA and vector vaccines that hybridize DNA  inducing at the experimental level tumors, and the variants-induced loss of efficacy,  explained the need to modify the preventive strategy completely and the hypothesis to oblige people to these vaccines hazardous .    Only the “Person-Centered Prevention “(PCP) aimed through health education to constitute a metabolic-immune shield could protect the population, starting from older at-risk. The PCP is easily achievable by educating people through primary care physicians and media on an antiviral and immunostimulating lifestyle called by prof. Brera: “Antiviral allostasis and preventive immunostimulation.” This operation certainly cannot be done by illiterates or semi-illiterates, even criminals public health assessors for having exposed to experimental vaccines teenagers. The recent EMA decision to extend vaccination to 5-2 children has based on scientific illiteracy, not aware of genotoxic risks of vaccines and in an ethic perspective appears criminal because healthy children as the adolescents are not exposed to  COVID-19,  are asymptomatic,  with a fatality/case ratio = zero and very low probability to induce the virus transmissibility (metanalysis: O-4 %). If so, the low viral load induced by their solid innate immunity contributes to herd immunity. The Congress ended with the World Health Committee’s first programmatic workshop with prof.  Roy Kallivayalil ,(India) Robert Cloninger,(USA) Claudio Violato, (CANADA_IYALY) Vito Galante (ITALY) and Giuseppe R.Brera (ITALY).

The proceedings of the Congress can be requested with a free donation, aimed at the research project of the Medical School of Milan on the epidemiology of tumors and relapses in vaccinated subjects.

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