“The Person-Centered Prevention Program ” for pandemic prevention


Person-Centred Medicine (PCM) is the current paradigm of medical science and Medicine, and this involves the orientation of public health  with a new organization of primary care and the training of doctors and students in Medicine through teachers prepared for  PCM teaching. Its application, through trained doctors, allows enormous savings in suffering and costs.   The PCM reconverts health to “Person-centred prevention” by promoting health education, prevention, early treatment of diseases, self-care , incentivizing individual resources , introducing and reinforcing protective factors, and buffering risk factors to improve individual resilience.

The PCM paradigm  is  defined as” The choice of the best possibilities for being the best human person,” which is also a political program.

In adolescence, a period of spiritual and psycho-biological formation, the PCM assumes fundamental importance throughout life because it builds an indelible trace for the future.

The Congress is held in three parts: the first is dedicated to the scientific bases of the Person-Centered Medicine interactionist and teleonomic paradigm, which will be followed by a panel dedicated to the paradigm change of Medicine. (in English)

The second part is dedicated to adolescence and the third to the Person-Centered Prevention paradigm, genetic and epigenetic damages induced by vaccines against SARS-COV 2, and early treatment of COVID-19. (in Italian)

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Giuseppe R.Brera

Rector of the Ambrosiana University, Director of the Medical School of Milan


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