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3rd session : 20 Novembre 2021 - h 15-  Zoom


Introduction to the third session and welcome

Giuseppe R.Brera

Rector of the Ambrosiana University



Prof. Vito.Galante MD  PH D LD MA

Honorary Chair in Adolescentology  at the Ambrosiana University 

Scientific Secretary of the Congress               


Keynote lecture

“The Experimental Child”

Mental and Social Consequences for Children and Families  of the Coronavirus Syndemic      *

Vincenzo Di Nicola, MPhil, MD, Ph.D., FRCPC, DFAPA, FCPA, FCAHS

Honorary Chair (Licentia Docendi, LD) & Professor (Magister, MA Sc),  Ambrosiana University

Professor of Psychiatry, University of Montreal

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, The George Washington University


Keynote lecture

Effects of current anti-SARS-COV 2 vaccines beyond antiSpike antibody generation

Maurizio Federico


National Center for Global Health

Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italy) 

       Keynote lecture


Scientific evidence of epigenetic and genetic damages from anti-SARS-COV 2 vaccines and the epidemiologic confirmation of risks from vaccination.The need for the person-centered prevention paradigm inducing the “Antiviral allostasis and the preventive immunostimulation.

Giuseppe R.Brera MD, MA, MA LD

Director of the Milan School of Medicine, President of the World Health Committee 

and Italian National Health Committee


Discussion and free contributions (max7’)   

                                                           (In Italian and English)


1st  Workshop

of the



Roy Kallivayalil

Secretary-General of the World Health Committee


Giuseppe R.Brera

President of the World Health Committee

Contribution of  the  WHC Scientific Committee’s members 


Robert Cloninger, Claudio Violato, Richard Fiordo, George Christodoulou, Roy Kallivayalil, Giuseppe R.Brera


Contributions of invited speakers


End of the Conference

Giuseppe R.Brera

Rector of the Ambrosiana          

    The recent international conference :[1] in the third session dedicated to "Person-centered prevention, risks from genetic vaccines, early therapy of Covis-19" highlighted
  1. The "pandemic" must be renamed "Syndemic" because of theeffects on the      mental health of children and adolescents. We  face the phenomenon of the "Experimental child." ( V. Di Nicola)
  2. that infection with SARS-COV 2 and variants is dangerous only with comorbidity and affects 92% of people at risk. The increased risk of severity of COVID-19 is proportional to the increased comorbidity factors; (Antos A, Kwong ML, Balmorez et al- cit. Brera)[2
  3. that there is an increased risk of mortality in vaccinated older people, compared to non-vaccinated people with a seconddose before six months from the first; there is a tendency to an increase in risk in subjects between 12-39 years, and after the first dose in subjects 60-79;[3](from ISS raw data)[4]  (Brera-Violato) TAB 2
  4. that children, healthy adolescents, and young people up to 29 years of age are virologically not at risk of systemic cellular infection ( entry of the virus into all cells of the organism) due to the healthy conformation of cell membranes that prevent the entry of the virus into cells for the absence of "Lipid rafts" and are not "Untori" [5][6] [7][8] [9], indeed valuable artifacts of herd immunity. The rare and asymptomatic cases appear to be due only to virus-monocyte circulating plasmacytoid interaction and humoral immune reaction. The children and adolescents' humoral immunity power is confirmed by the fatality/case ratio 0 (Tab-1), while severe adverse effects after vaccination are frequent (9,3%) (Brera, Molteni, Byambasuren, Madewell, cit. Brera). Vaccination[10] resulted in deaths in healthy adolescents who would be alive if media would not orchestrate a campaign to induce them to vaccination;  (TAB 1)
  5.  that mRNA vaccines[11]are genotoxic, ([12] [13] [14]) because the substitution of an RNA base, the uridine with the pseudouridine, carried out in the production in order to avoid the natural immunity of the injected organism and the increase in the speed of the translation. The biochemical link induced by N1-methyl pseudouridine with micro-RNAs, causes their alteration and silencing, making the inoculated organism more vulnerable to solid tumors and leukemia, changes in the nervous system mental retardation, learning disorders, Asperger syndrome;  (Lockhart-Schratt-Raish-Zeng cit. Brera) 
  1.  cell methylation, induced by N1-methyl-pseudouridine at both epigenetic and genetic (DNA) levels, produces an additional risk factor for cancer vulnerability;[15][16](Li, Zeng cit.Brera 
  2.  that mRNA vaccines neither induce the synthesis of antiviral immunocytes (CD8 +) nor produce a memory of them;[17](Federico
  3. that mRNA vaccines do not affect the transmissibility of the virus and its variants because they do not induce the defense of IGA (antibodies to prevent the entry of the virus into the oral and[18]nasal mucous membranes; (Federico) therefore taking away any scientific validity to the establishment of the "Green Pass" as vaccinated and unvaccinated have the same probability of transmitting the virus
  4.  that the mRNA vaccines do not interact with other than the B cells of memory resident in the lungs, which are responsible for protecting against lung infections; [19](Allie cit. Federico), making vaccines not influential on infections of lungs by SARS-COV 2;
11.that SARS-COV 2 virus by nature and by vaccination induction is selecting     increasingly dangerous and immuno-resistant variants;[20] (Federico-Garcia);

 12. that the reduction in immunity induced by mRNA vaccines is constant until it drops to 16.1% of subjects below the 50% threshold after six months against 10.8% of those cured after nine months[21]of infection. . After six months, the level of IGG drops in vaccinated by 40% each month against less than 5% of convalescents (Israel-Federico);

13.that adenoviruses of vector vaccines hybridize with human DNA ( Astra-Zeneca-adenovirusof chimpanzee).[22]Furthermore, they increase[23] vulnerability to autoimmune diseases and tumors (experimental certainty). By activating the immune response of the organism against adenovirus- about 50% of the population is immunized- mRNA is destroyed and therefore do not produce immunity against Spike proteins, canceling their antigenicity and in children and adolescents can induce an immuno-complex disease and fatal thrombotic reactions, as already occurred in a teenager in Genoa (Doerfler cit.Brera).


                   Anti-COVID 19 genetic vaccines to date administrated to populations induce severe risks for people's health, primarily for children and adolescents not at risk of a rare severe clinical syndrome if healthy. In this age range, the objective COVID-19 possible severity is prevented by innate humoral immunity that does not allow the virus entering in cells and create the asymptomatic condition necessary for the induction of herd immunity.

    COVID-19 can readily be prevented by inducing a metabolic –immune shield for people through health education, primary care, and self-care called:"Antiviral allostasis and preventive immunostimulation.  It induces a healthy lifestyle, significantly preventing other communicable diseases and canceR.

   There is the urgent need for a change of the WHO, world and European strategy to prevent SARS_COV 2 variants risks for people health that paradoxically this kind of genetic vaccines favor because more inoculations correspond to the establishment and a proportional increase of immunodepression and exposition to cancer and neurobiological and behavioral diseases and disorders through the micro-RNA silencing.
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[10]  From the USA Center of Disease Controls and Prevention: VAERS Data about adolescents' Deaths after vaccination: 9,3 % severe adverse effects from vaccination and 14 deaths 

"    CDC reviewed 14 reports of death after vaccination. Among the decedents, four were aged 12–15 years, and 10 were aged 16–17 years. All death reports were reviewed by CDC physicians; impressions regarding the cause of death were pulmonary embolism (two), suicide (two), intracranial hemorrhage (two), heart failure (one), hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis and disseminated Mycobacterium chelonae infection (one), and unknown or pending further records (six).

      From CDC V-SAFe data:

   " During December 14, 2020–July 16, 2021, v-safe enrolled 66,350 adolescents aged 16–17 years who received Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (Table 3). After Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was authorized for adolescents aged 12–15 years (beginning May 10, 2021), v-safe enrolled 62,709 adolescents in this age group. During the week after receipt of dose 1, local (63.9%) and systemic (48.9%) reactions were commonly reported by adolescents aged 12–15 years; systemic reactions were more common after dose 2 (63.4%) than dose 1 (48.9%). Reporting trends were similar for adolescents aged 16–17 years: systemic reactions were reported among 55.7% after dose 1 and 69.9% after dose 2. For each dose and age group, reactions were reported most frequently the day after vaccination. The most frequently reported reactions for both age groups after either dose were injection site pain, fatigue, headache, and myalgia.


      During the week after receiving dose 2, approximately one-third of adolescents in both age groups reported fever. Nearly one-quarter of adolescents in both age groups reported they were unable to perform normal daily activities the day after dose 2. Fewer than 1% of adolescents aged 12–17 years required medical care in the week after receipt of either dose; 56 adolescents (0.04%) were hospitalized

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Scientific evidence of anti -COVID 19 mRNA and vectorial  vaccines genotoxicity inducing tumors and psycho-neuro-behavioral disorders

  • November 2021


. Micro-RNAs (miR) are non-coding RNA filaments that control mRNA transcription. Micro-RNAs have been studied in cancer pathogenesis, metastasization, cancer therapy, the structuring of the central nervous system, diabetes, and heart disease.   Mir-134-138 regulate the development of dendritic spines needed for synapses. Their silencing can lead to autistic spectrum disorders and mental retardation and damage to brains in evolution such as childhood and adolescence, producing learning problems and mood problems, and in adults for alterations of receptors for neurotransmission.  It has been shown that N1-methyl pseudouridine binds to miR and induces silencing processes, increasing cell methylome at the origin of cancer. The production of mRNA vaccines replaces Uridine with N1-methyl-pseudouridine to escape innate immunity and implement rapid translation. N1-methyl-pseudouridine  binding with mi-RNA alters the epigenetic transcription of oncosuppressor that, with the increase in cell methylation, could result in the induction of tumors and relapses, natural immunity inhibition, and neuro-behavioral disorders transmissible to progeny. Vectorial vaccines hybridize the host DNA with adenoviruses and induce tumors at the experimental level. Clinical reports and long-term epidemiological investigations are necessary to verify the impact of mRNA vaccines on health.

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